Mauritius: Kiwi Heaven

Mauritius is officially a part of the Africa. It is very much a developed society as the people of this island are very well off. The port of Mauritius is very much famous due to its high importance and business. This island is full of natural beauty. You can find almost every beautiful thing that you want. This island consists of beautiful beaches, animal parks and amazing hotels. These hotels and beaches are very much amazing and glorious to watch.

That's why these hotels and beaches have some of the most beautiful and famous hotels and restaurants in the world. This island is a place of peace, leisure and beauty. This island is also very much famous for its large and beautiful fishes. People really love to do deep sea fishing in this island. Thousands of people come in this beautiful island for visiting every month. Like many other people, a large number of New Zealanders come here to visit this beautiful island.

Kite-boarding heaven

We can say that Ile aux Cerfs is a beautiful island in the heart of an island. It is a very beautiful and amazing place for the Kite-boarding. Lovers of Kite-boarding choose this place because it's really amazing to enjoy from the Kite-boarding in this place. For them it's not less than a heaven because of its amazing beauty. This place is really awesome for the lovers of natural beauty who really like to sit on the beautiful beaches and fishing in the deep sea. The weather of this place is also really beautiful and amazing.

But in summer, it becomes little hot .You can also see the many small and large fishes in this place. This place is full of beautiful sharks that can be proved very much dangerous for the lovers of Kite-boarding. That's why be careful while enjoying from the Kite-boarding in the deep sea. So you should not enter so much deeply in this deep water because you can easily find the sharks here. Many New Zealanders want to visit this beautiful island for seeing this beautiful and heaven like place of Ile aux Cerfs.

Casela Nature Park

The nature park of Casela is also very much famous in the Mauritius. You can see the different kind of animals and birds in this nature park of Casela. That's really amazing to watch. You can find the lions, gazelle, deer and many other beautiful animals. You can also see the beautiful species of cheetah here. There cheetahs are really amazing to watch in front of our eyes.

The amazing thing about this nature park at Casela is you walk along with the beautiful lions. Here in this park, you can fulfill your dream of walking with the amazing group of lions. There are many professional photographers in this park that capture your memorable with the lion. This is really amazing and fantastic for those who really love the lions and wildlife. Many New Zealanders want to visit this beautiful island for seeing this beautiful nature park of Casela.